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Walsh & Devane (2012) highlight that findings produced from metasynthesis can be subjective, and risk being interpreted through some unintentional occupational bias:

"Metasynthesis is interpretive, and therefore other researchers might give a different emphasis to their findings if they were to repeat this exercise. We believe we have been transparent enough about our methods to enable researchers to follow our audit trail. Of the 11 original articles, only eight arose from separate research projects, because there were two articles on each of three different studies. Clearly, theoretical generalizability is applicable here and not population generalizability, given the small sample sizes with qualitative studies. As previously mentioned, we cannot discount the possibility that, because we are midwives, we have interpreted the research through a midwifery lens that might not do justice to conventional labour wards." (p.908)

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According to Walsh & Devane (2012, p.908) "...the reduction in interventions achieved by midwife-led care might be explained by the increased agency that women and midwives experience in these settings."

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