How to Reference?

This referencing tool was created to help teach students of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at NUI Galway how to reference correctly. It offers a clear guide, with examples, to the references you are likely to encounter.

There are two categories to become familiar with when referencing; in-text citation and the reference list.

In-text citation is concerned with referencing within the body of your written work, while the reference list is written below your completed material;

• To use this referencing tool, first click on "referencing type" and choose the appropriate "source" of the information you wish to reference from the list;

• Continue selecting the appropriate icons until you have selected the correct source you wish to reference;

• The "information needed" tab will list the information you need to reference that particular source correctly. The list is colour coded, with each required piece of information colour highlighted in the example given;

• Viewing the example will help you to easily locate the information needed to write your own reference;

• If you select the "in-text citation," tab you will see how to cite the example given in the body of the text. Selecting "reference list" gives the reference example that is required as part of the reference list.

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